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2014 New Spring Cotton Socks

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someone’s having too much fun

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“i don’t want to write this fanfic i want to fucking read it”

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Hi everybody, and welcome to my 7th giveaway~!

It’s been about a month since my last giveaway, and I’m really excited about this one. All of my giveaways are just to give back to all my followers, and give kpop fans a chance to actually own kpop merchandise. If you have any questions, just let me know in my ask ~!  Also, keep on reading on how you can get extra prizes ~^^ 

This is a biased based giveaway ~! I usually do a SHINee giveaway, but this time you can pick a group other than SHINee ~! 

Here is the prizes and rules ~!

There will be 2 winners, and the prizes will be the same~!


  • 2 albums from the k-pop group of your choice
  • K-pop backpack (example) (If there is no backpack of the group of your choice, then pick your second favorite ~)
  • 3 k-pop posters of the k-pop group of your choice
  • $20 worth of make-up from
  • Pillow case of your k-pop bias (If I can’t find one on the internet, then I will go and make a custom one ~)
  • K-pop shirt of your choice ~
  • 3 Nature Republic Facemasks
  • Sticker pack of the k-pop group of your choice
  • $25 dollar gift card to Bath and Body Works (If you are an international winner, then I will just buy $25 dollar worth of products for you ~) (Here are the scents)
  • 3 fandom colored bracelets ~ (Ex. Shawol color)

Rules and how to enter:

  • This giveaway is open to anybody in the world
  • You only need to reblog once to enter, but you can reblog once a day for extra entries. Anybody who does not follow this rule will be disqualified
  • You MUST  be following me since this giveaway is to thank my followers
  • Your ask must be opened
  • I will give the winner 24 hours to respond, if you do not, I will send a second message and give you an extra 12 hours. After 36 hours, I will choose another winner. 
  • Likes do NOT count

Also, this is not required, but in the tags, write which group you would choose for the prizes ~

Extra prizes: 

As you know, I usually do an extra. If you follow me on instagram @alwayshineelove, you will get to choose an extra k-pop album of your choice, or 2 extra k-pop posters. If you are already following me on instagram, you are already qualified for the extra prizes ~

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BYUN BAEKHYUN; his cute puppy eyes

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29/100 gifs of my perfect namja Kai [his precious eye smile ;u;~]

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request (x)

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140821 Jungkook x ARMYs Tweets


안녕하세요 정국입니다. 오늘 저랑 관련된 질문은 무엇일까요?! 아미 여러분들은 다 아실꺼라고 생각합니다. ^^

Hello I’m Jungkook. What kind of questions related to me will be asked today?! I think that ARMYs would know everything. ^^

역시는 역시 역시네요 아미여러분들 짱이네요! 그럼 한번 질문 답변을 시작해볼까요?! 미국에서 제가 먹은 음식과 관련된 질문을 해주세요! 다섯분에게 답변을 해드립니다.

Expected as much as it’s expected, expected indeed. ARMYs are the best! Now shall we start the question and answers?! Please ask me questions related to the food I ate in America! I’ll reply to 5 people.

Fan: “한국햄버거와미국햄버거둘중하나만선택한다면???” 한국 버거는 한국인의 입맛을 잘 알고있는 분들이 만드시기 때문에 맛이 좋구요 미국 버거는 미국인들의 입맛을 아시는 분들이 만드셔서 역시나 맛이 좋구요 그래서 정답은 둘다 맛있다.

Fan: If you had to choose between Korean Hamburgers and Americian Hamburgers???
Jungkook: Korean Hamburgers are good because they’re made by the very ones who know the taste buds of Koreans well. American Hamburgers are made by the ones who know the taste buds of Americans so it’s indeed delicious. So my answer is, both are delicious.

Fan: “먹은것중에 뭐가 제일 좋아요?” 제가 먹은것중 가장 맛있었던 음식은 바로바로바로바로 소고기입니다. 고기집 이름은 아가씨곱창입니다. 아주 맛있더라구요.

Fan: Among all the things you ate, which did you like the most?
Jungkook: Among the things I ate the most delicious food was none other than none other than none other than none other than beef. The name of the restaurant is Ahgassi Gopchang. It was so very yummy

Fan: 피자는 얇은거 좋아해요 두꺼운거 좋아해요????” 저는 얇은게 좋아요 왜냐하면 배에 많이 들어가기때문이죠 허허허허허ㅓㅎ헣

Fan: Do you like your pizza with thin or thick crust????
Jungkook: I like the thin crust. Because that way I can fit more of it into my stomach heoheoheoheoheoeoheoh

Fan: “미국음식이더조아요?한국음식이더조아요?” 제가 짜고 느끼하고 맵고 단거를 좋아해서 둘다 좋습니다. -ㅂ-

Fan: Do you prefer American or Korean food?
Jungkook: I like savory fried spicy sweet food so I like em both. -ㅂ-

Fan: 정국이는 미국음식중에 제일 추천해주고싶었던게 뭐야?” 제가 추천해드리고 싶은 음식은 바로 방금 말했던 아가씨곱창의 소고기를 추천 해드리고 싶군요. 미국에 가시면 꼭 먼저 드시기 바랍니다. 소고기 소고기지

Fan: Amongst all the American food, which would Jungkookie most like to recommend?
Jungkook: The food I’d like to recommend is none other than the beef from the Ahgassi Gopchang place I mentioned earlier on. If you go to America, I hope that you’ll definitely head there first to have it. Beef Beef

자 여러분 질문답변시간이 끝났습니다. 저는 이제 밥을 먹으러 가겠습니다. 뭘 먹으면 좋을까요 추천을 받고 보고 먹으러 가겠습니다. 그럼 아미 여러분들도 즐거운 저녁식사 하세요!

Now everybody the question & answer time has ended. I will go and eat my food now. I’ll look at your recommendations for what is good to eat then go off. So ARMYs too please have an enjoyable dinner!

Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans

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