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I'm Allyce and I suck at everything.


I’m trying hard to live by Cat Principles.

1- I am glorious above all things
2- Eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy, play when bored
3- Affection is given and received on my terms and only mine
4- Show displeasure clearly.
5- NO
6- Demand the things you want. If they aren’t given, demand them again, but louder this time.
7- If you are touched when you don’t want to be, say so. If they continue to touch you, make them bleed.


I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.


my school so aesthetic?


my school so aesthetic?

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if Bangtan had tumblr

Rap Monster: tasteful black and white blog that posts plenty of fashion and music recs
Jin: a food blogger that is always posting his new recipes and pictures of his creations
Suga: one of those obnoxious porn bloggers who is always boasting about how good he is in bed when in reality he can't even look a girl in the eye
J-Hope: a humor blogger with popular text posts and generally loved by everyone
Jimin: a popular hipster blogger that only has thirsty female followers because he posts the occasional shirtless selfie that gets thousands of notes
V: one of those blogs that literally posts EVERYTHING. whether it's cats, fandoms, porn, music, fashion it would be on this blog.
Jungkook: the blog everyone envies because of all his amazing dance and song covers



so this housewife decided to rewrite the harry potter series into christian books so that her kids wont be reading about witchcraft and i just cant eveN BREATHE BC THIS IS SO HYSTERICAL

read it here:

Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles